Santa Maria Foundation

Opening the doors of opportunities to under privileged and orphaned girls in Colombia by providing support through education and music.
About Us
Santa Maria Foundation supports abandoned and orphaned, as well as those considered to be at “high risk” girls in Colombia
100% of your donation goes to the direct benefit of the children

Welcome To Santa Maria Foundation

The Santa Maria Foundation works to empower young girls who have had difficult pasts to restore their self-esteem and provide them with a platform and confidence to advance in life and fulfil their potential.
Santa Maria Foundation was founded on the belief that every child has the ability to flourish in society hence providing a platform for young girls to develop both academically and personally into aspiring and influential adults.

Our Story

Lady Y. Rodriguez met her co-founder Peter R. Mowland at a conference in London in 2008 and within a short period of time they discovered their mutual interest in orphaned children.
They both held the strong belief that every child has the ability to flourish in society, notwithstanding the origins of their birth. They decided to develop a project to set up a charity and create a homes and schools for deprived children and as a result Santa Maria Foundation (SMF) began in early 2009.

In the picture our President Peter Mowland welcoming new girls

Our Story

How We Do It

The girls have an integrated education with a combination of core areas from English as a second language, Classical Music and Literature. A complete education will give them support in almost all areas of development, and lead them into Higher Education at University or equivalent.
In this we work to restore confidence in themselves, make them proud of their heritage and build them into active and conscious adults in society.
We endeavour to improve and maintain their overall health and finally, we promote good citizenship and community development programs, without distinguishing between race, religion and/or social status.

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Our Vision

Santa Maria will never be an institution. It is a centre of academic learning supported by dedicated teachers to coach and nurture these young students
Highly trained staff are there to teach and support them ensuring their physical and emotional well-being at all the times in a safe and caring environment.

Trustees / Leadership Team

“A centre of learning created by the Santa Maria Foundation to bring a higher education to young girls.
Its prime objective is to weld the relationship between classic education, good manners, moral judgment and natural polite elegance formed in the schoolroom and then projected into adult life in which young girls become young ladies, admired and revered by all who are graced with their company.”

Peter MowlandPresident of SMF

What The Young Girls Say….

I like being in the house of Santa Maria Foundation because here I have learned about teamwork , values, to listen, to respect people and to follow instructions. Laura

Santa Maria Foundation

We are very happy at the Santa Maria Foundation and we now believe we will be very different women through everything that I have learned. Laura

Santa Maria Foundation

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Long before music to promote intellectual learning became popular the Directors of Santa Maria Foundation decided to focus our childrens minds in that direction
The result has been a monumental success. Our girls are now achieving grades far above their previous results in all subjects.
In addition their love of classical music manifests itself in their choral and orchestral ability.
Learning to read music and mastering an instrument as well as singing whilst reading from a music sheet are all complex skills, that improve memory and promote problem solving, essential to succeed in Maths, Science and English language and Literature.
English Language and Literature are two subject that we consider so important that we only have English educated teachers who volunteer to travel to Colombia to teach the girls.