Santa Maria Foundation | About Us
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About Us

What we do

Our vision is to give disadvantaged girls aged from 5 years  upward a new start in life after the terrible traumas they have suffered.

Santa Maria will never be an institution.  It is a centre of academic learning supported by dedicated teachers to coach and nurture these young individuals

Highly trained staff are there to teach and support them ensuring their physical and emotional  well-being at all the times in a safe and caring environment.







Who we work with

Santa Maria Foundation supports abandoned, orphaned, those consider to be at “high risk” and other vulnerable girls.  Some of the little girls may have lost family but have also in some sad cases been abused in different ways .


Because of this our objective at Santa Maria is to help our children  to develop into young ladies with confidence, of high education and values, having a sense of belonging and self-esteem to enable them to escape poverty.








Why vulnerable young girls

Across the world women and girls are faced with the problems of inequality. Discrimination puts them in at a disadvantage both socially and economically and by doing so makes them vulnerable to physical abuse and violence. By working with the girls we seek to empower them and restore the balance and equality eliminating the negative attitudes in society.


We believe that women have the power to shape society in the very important role they play in shaping the personalities of children they raise, as young children still spend the majority of their time in early years and development with the mother.  By educating and empowering women and girls, it is an investment in the future of a society.