Santa Maria Foundation | January 2016 -New Administrator / Elizabeth Rodriguez
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January 2016 -New Administrator / Elizabeth Rodriguez

05 Apr January 2016 -New Administrator / Elizabeth Rodriguez

We have been looking for a new admistrator to help at the Santa Maria foundation, the previous member Miriam  has to leave us due to medical reasons. Miriam has been an amazing functioning of Santa Maria Foundation and we will miss her deeply and wish her all the best for the future.

We managed to find an excellent administrator, her name is Elizabeth mature lady , she comes with a huge journey of experience, working in schools and with children so has a very professional and empathetic approach to her role, which has been demonstrated to us. We conducted a 3 stage interview where Lady and Beatrice Interviewed the candidates then Peter and finally a meeting with the girls and staff of the foundation where the girls gave us feedback. We wanted to ensure that the girls , staff and founders are happy working with our new member. So welcome Elizabeth to the Santa Maria Family.