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Colombian Girls Documentary

30 Sep Colombian Girls Documentary


My name is Lorena Cervera and I am the director of this documentary.


Recently I spent three months in Colombia, filming the daily life of 74 girls who attend the school funded by the Santa Maria Foundation near Bogota, which teaches Classical Music, Fine Arts, and English in order to equip them with skills that will hopefully help to improve their future. These young girls come from very unprivileged backgrounds but they have dreams and ambitions. They are the reason why we believe so strongly in this film, and want to share their strengths and courage with you.

Colombian Girls is a short documentary about the personal experiences and ambitions of some of those 74 Colombian girls whose life has changed thanks to the school. It witnesses the power of education to change the world. It aims to raise awareness about 59 million children worldwide who cannot go to school.

For me, portraying the lives of these girls is not only a matter of making a documentary, it is a long-term commitment to them. The Santa Maria Foundation is helping them by teaching them. I want to help them by making their story visible, by raising awareness about their situation, and hopefully contributing to improving  their life the best way I can. The long-term project will involve going back and filming again every 24 months in order to follow the girls as they grew up and seeing the impact that the school has in their lives.

Educating girls can break cycles of poverty in just one generation, yet millions of girls aren’t in school.


We need to raise £2,800 for:

–  Editing, Postproduction, and Distribution of the Short Documentary

–  Go back to Colombia in 2016 and follow up the story of the girls

With any creative project, we need financial resources to complete the process. Our goal is to raise £2,800. That money will go directly to covering costs such as writing, editing & post-production, music, copies and distribution for the short documentary; and transportation, camera equipment, and shooting expenses for the feature-length documentary.

My deepest thanks in advance for your contribution & support of this documentary. If you are unable to give financially, no worries, SHARING this with your FRIENDS makes all the difference!

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