Santa Maria Foundation | How we do it
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How we do it


How we do it

The girls have an integrated education with a combination of core areas from English as a second language, Arts , Literature and world history. A complete education will give them support in almost all areas of development,  and lead them into Higher Education at University or equivalent.

In this we work to restore confidence in themselves, make them proud of their heritage and build them into active and conscious adults in society.

We endeavour to improve and maintain their overall health and finally, we promote good citizenship and  community  development  programs, without distinguishing between race, religion and/or social status.

We believe this start that we  give to them with your help will carry them on through to their adult life as independent members of society.




Why we do it this way


Research has shown that exposure to classical music early in life supports children in almost all areas of development. Listening to and performing music improves phonetic awareness which develops language and literacy skills.

It has an impact on spatial reasoning, which is linked to mathematics, thinking and on physical coordination. Overall, the programme has enhanced the learning ability of all the girls that we support.

The music is used as an aid to psychotherapy for those who have been traumatised and has shown positive results in treating the girls