On March 1, 2019 the girls were fortunate to receive the British citizen Ling Regan who, with her love, patience and dedication soon won the hearts of the girls. She stayed at the foundation for 5 months and supported the teaching of English language until July, 2019,

Ling returned to the foundation on December 3 of this year because she wanted to spend time with the girls before Christmas. She has already processed her visa as a SMF volunteer and will be returning to the organization in 2020.

Thanks to volunteer Ling for all the love and dedication she has given to our girls.




Sonia Deighton, from England accompanied the girls in their training and bilingualism processes, during the year 2018 and first half of the year 2019. Sonia had already been in the foundation during the years 2016 and first half of 2017. She always stood out for being a Teacher of great commitment, sense of belonging and hard work with girls. During 2016 she was decorated as the teacher of the year.

In July, 2019 she went on a trip to Australia to carry out a new personal project. With great sadness the girls had to say goodbye to her, but also with deep gratitude for all the work done during these years. Teacher Sonia definitely marked the life of the girls and left an indelible mark on the foundation.

We wish you all the very deserved blessings in this new project that begin in your life in this beautiful country.



With great joy we received the visit of the British citizen Érica Catrena who has been volunteering at the Santa Maria Foundation London for more than 7 years. She was at SMF Colombia from August 17 to 21, 2019. During her stay Érica shared with the girls in her English classes, supported the administrative work and visited the Misericordia Amor y Servicio Foundation. Thanks to the volunteer for all these years dedicated to the service of children in Colombia.


Naomi Starr Ben-Tovim of British nationality, arrived at the foundation on October 15 as a volunteer with English classes. Naomi a person, simple, tender of great human warmth. She also sings and plays the piano. The interaction of this volunteer with the girls has filled their hearts with joy and new knowledge. For Naomi the experience in the foundation has been enriching especially on a personal and professional level. She stayed with us until December 14 and left to begin a new path in her life. Thank you Naomi for your presence in the foundation.


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